HF Pop Culture (Trash) tournament 2024 - Player Standings | Neg 5 Stats

HF Pop Culture (Trash) tournament 2024 Individual Standings

Rank Player Name Team GP 15 10 TUH Points P / TUH PPG
1 Dylan Minarik Hamburger University9405818011806.56131.11
2 Michael Sacks Odin-ary Vikings920331806303.570
3 Ben Give Pease a Chance913381805753.1963.89
4 Jimmy Humphrey Tegridy Farms913361805553.0861.67
5 Ansel Lollar Trans Team + CisHet Couple912281804602.5651.11
6 Ed Froehlich The Trash Pandas99321804552.5350.56
7 Chinmay Kansara Bad Buzz Records912241804202.3346.67
8 Umar Ryan Garfield's Lasagna95321803952.1943.89
9 Katie Walthour Speeling Be Champyons98211803301.8336.67
10 Anthony Russotto Lincoln-Way East Enjoyables96221803101.7234.44
11 Jen Jazwinski Speeling Be Champyons96201802901.6132.22
12 Joshua Sacks Speeling Be Champyons93211802551.4228.33
13 Dylan Latek Lincoln-Way East Enjoyables95171802451.3627.22
14 Andrew Wang Hamburger University98121802401.3326.67
15 Spencer Venkus Hamburger University97131802351.3126.11
16 Felix Sacks Trans Team + CisHet Couple95141802151.1923.89
17 Elise Froehlich The Trash Pandas93151801951.0821.67
18 Andrea Schirano Trans Team + CisHet Couple9412180180120
19 Ali Humphrey Tegridy Farms95101801750.9719.44
20 Brielle Rach Trans Team + CisHet Couple94111801700.9418.89
21 Charlie Froehlich The Trash Pandas9591801650.9218.33
22 Ulysses Capistran Bad Buzz Records93111801550.8617.22
23 Hope Therrien Lincoln-Way East Enjoyables91131801450.8116.11
24 Ethan Krone Lincoln-Way East Enjoyables93101801450.8116.11
25 Soren Gjesfjeld Trans Team + CisHet Couple92101801300.7214.44
26 Ben Schwieters Tegridy Farms91111801250.6913.89
27 David Schlismann Garfield's Lasagna9551801250.6913.89
28 Jacob Bad Buzz Records9291801200.6713.33
29 Theresa Give Pease a Chance9281801100.6112.22
30 Eric Collier The Trash Pandas9441801000.5611.11
31 Alex Pease Give Pease a Chance917180850.479.44
32 Khadeejah Ryan Garfield's Lasagna908180800.448.89
33 Josephine Baxa Odin-ary Vikings907180700.397.78
34 Noor Ryan Garfield's Lasagna907180700.397.78
35 Kim Give Pease a Chance915180650.367.22
36 Summayah Ryan Garfield's Lasagna906180600.336.67
37 Jack-Layden Mott Tegridy Farms906180600.336.67
38 Hannah Martens Speeling Be Champyons913180450.255
39 Chloe Give Pease a Chance912180350.193.89
40 James Jazwinski Speeling Be Champyons912180350.193.89
41 Luke De Bruin Odin-ary Vikings802160200.132.5
42 Peter Cipriano Bad Buzz Records902180200.112.22
43 Stephen Langdon Lincoln-Way East Enjoyables902180200.112.22
44 Bonnie Bell-Pease Bad Buzz Records901180100.061.11
45 Tara Froehlich The Trash Pandas901180100.061.11
46 Cayden Speerbrecker Odin-ary Vikings900180000