MKVITRA - Player Standings | Neg 5 Stats

MKVITRA Individual Standings

Rank Player Name Team GP 15 10 -5 TUH Points P / TUH P / N G / N PPG
1 Joseph Krol Quizbowl's Sad Lexicon7162621404903.582170
2 Jonathan Gibson Cosmologists974251775002.831.49.855.56
3 Liam Hughes Quizbowl's Sad Lexicon1194622185852.684.527.553.18
4 Thomas Hart CopACABana1194442115552.632.2513.2550.45
5 Ben Russell Jones Your Friends in the South121640122325802.51.334.6748.33
6 Danny Lardner Literal Vampire Potbelly Goblins953851694302.5418.647.78
7 Daoud Jackson Hornet's Rest11182672114952.352.576.2945
8 Delia Cropper Quizzical Exponents11123352134852.282.4944.09
9 Tony Bennett Buzzy Logic1164372134852.280.86744.09
10 Alexandra Hardwick CRABS1193632104802.2931543.64
11 Joey Goldman Hornet's Rest11162642114802.28410.543.64
12 Theo Howe Adjust Your Sprinklers111232102184502.061.24.440.91
13 Andrew Rout Wangerer above the Sea of Fog12645102364902.
14 Eoin O'Reilly CopACABana1173792114302.040.784.8939.09
15 Niall Jones Three's Company121038132304652.020.773.6938.75
16 Joe Crowther Fear and Loathing in Las Meninas1193382034252.091.135.2538.64
17 George Scratcherd Quiz Today, Gone Tomorrow11441102124201.980.44.538.18
18 Thomas De Bock CRABS1283412304551.9884237.92
19 Michael Mays The Zoomsbury Group: Extended Universe1234582334551.950.38637.92
20 Kai Madgwick No Gender, Only Quiz111130112064101.9913.7337.27
21 Danny McMillan Quiz Today, Gone Tomorrow1153772124101.930.71637.27
22 Jacob Robertson Quizzical Exponents1163222134001.8831936.36
23 Madeleine Lay High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Soundtrack: The Quiz Team1163592003951.980.674.5635.91
24 Gareth Aubrey Tim Gyda I942731703151.851.3310.3335
25 Frank Paul Cosmologists881601532801.830035
26 Ben Beardsley Old London Town13641102524501.790.64.734.62
27 Andrew Frazer Old London Town131432162524501.790.882.8834.62
28 Max Espensen Old London Town871831542701.752.338.3333.75
29 Omer Keskin Your Friends in the South12162072324051.752.295.1433.75
30 Harry Scully The Zoomsbury Group: Extended Universe1243532333951.71.331332.92
31 James Haughton Craming Manchester1033161943251.680.55.6732.5
32 Chris Savory Periodically Tabled1133342143551.660.75932.27
33 Tess Sherlock Vilnius is Two Syllables12142292313851.671.56432.08
34 Oliver Hargrave High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Soundtrack: The Quiz Team1172762003451.721.175.6731.36
35 Hugh Binnie Hornet's Rest1172302113351.590030.45
36 Clare Gratrex Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon12536152383601.510.332.7330
37 James Carrigy Three's Company1273092303601.570.784.1130
38 Ethan Webb Fear and Loathing in Las Meninas11137122033251.60.083.1729.55
39 Innis Carson The Great Washed Up1123032033151.550.6710.6728.64
40 Ian Wang Wangerer above the Sea of Fog1292352363401.441.86.428.33
41 Dan Adler Cosmologists851991542201.430.562.6727.5
42 Charlie Bowen Adjust Your Sprinklers11725132182901.330.542.4626.36
43 Darius Darulis Vilnius is Two Syllables1292072313001.31.294.1425
44 Tom Hill Adjust Your Sprinklers1152362182751.260.834.6725
45 Ian Bayley Hornet's Rest1162272112751.30.86425
46 Lillian Crawford High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Soundtrack: The Quiz Team1181742002701.3526.2524.55
47 Joe Hanson Craming Manchester1162162102701.2914.524.55
48 Rahim Dina CopACABana1132322112651.261.51324.09
49 Sam Moore No Gender, Only Quiz1142472062651.290.57424.09
50 Dan Lawson Quizbowl's Sad Lexicon951421802051.142.59.522.78
51 Marianne Fairthorne Old London Town841201541801.170022.5
52 Eleanor Ayres Tim Gyda I912281641951.190.132.8821.67
53 Lewis Jones Literal Vampire Potbelly Goblins961001651901.150021.11
54 Joe Middleton-Welling CRABS1141832102251.071.337.3320.45
55 Abigail Tan Quizbowl's Sad Lexicon1131922182251.031.51120.45
56 Jon Violet Vilnius is Two Syllables1222222312401.0411220
57 Matt Bliss Fear and Loathing in Las Meninas1171222032151.063.59.519.55
58 Sasha Mottaghi-Taromsari Periodically Tabled11318221421511.510.519.55
59 Aisling Skeet No Gender, Only Quiz1151652062101.0214.219.09
60 Dennis Wang Wangerer above the Sea of Fog1251862362250.950.833.8318.75
61 Stanley Wang The Great Washed Up1122052032051.010.44.418.64
62 Jeremy Sontchi CRABS1151552102000.951418.18
63 Brian Shaw The Great Washed Up1151552032000.991418.18
64 Harry Heath Cosmologists841031591450.911.334.6718.13
65 Amy Godel Cosmologists831121521450.951.5718.13
66 Alex Antão Craming Manchester10221131921750.910.151.7717.5
67 Jack Lewis Literal Vampire Potbelly Goblins84921501400.9326.517.5
68 Natasha Voake Adjust Your Sprinklers1151332181900.871.67617.27
69 Jacob McLaughlin Your Friends in the South1251662322050.880.833.517.08
70 Sam Hastings UBrum831021561350.871.56.516.88
71 Leo Howard The Great Washed Up1131522031850.911.5916.82
72 Jack Hostick Periodically Tabled1111942141850.860.25516.82
73 Michael Baugh Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon10.511722081750.840.5916.67
74 Pete Sorel-Cameron Buzzy Logic1141692131750.820.442.2215.91
75 James Devine-Stoneman Wangerer above the Sea of Fog1241542361900.814.7515.83
76 Paul Hibbert Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon1211822381850.780.59.515.42
77 Morgan Bush Tim Gyda I921471641350.820.292.2915
78 Alex Gunasekera Quizzical Exponents1121422131600.751814.55
79 Will Rogers UBrum801451561150.7402.814.38
80 Freya Whiteford Vilnius is Two Syllables1221642311700.740.54.514.17
81 Jack Yeo Periodically Tabled11317122141550.720.251.6714.09
82 Curtis Dunn UBrum7.952921551100.7115.513.84
83 Nina Fetherston Literal Vampire Potbelly Goblins931291621200.740.331.6713.33
84 Will Vince Coffey no Cream70114138900.6502.7512.86
85 Peter Curry Craming Manchester1111332101300.620.334.6711.82
86 Leonie Woodland Quizzical Exponents115612131300.6151111.82
87 Fatima Sheriff The Zoomsbury Group: Extended Universe1231172331200.520.43210
88 Rachael Haw Literal Vampire Potbelly Goblins9181162900.561910
89 Stuart Beard Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon1201342381100.4603.259.17
90 Sam Hastings Old London Town412079350.44008.75
91 Frances Hadley Your Friends in the South125542321050.451.252.58.75
92 Katie Scott No Gender, Only Quiz11295206950.460.42.28.64
93 Elizabeth Miles Three's Company1231092301000.430.331.448.33
94 Alexia Jarvis Quiz Today, Gone Tomorrow11183212800.380.3337.27
95 Toby Nonnenmacher Tim Gyda I9186170650.380.171.57.22
96 Gary Morewood Coffey no Cream6052116400.3502.56.67
97 Matthew Lowson Coffey no Cream6131118400.34146.67
98 Ian Morris Coffey no Cream6131116400.35146.67
99 Andrew Storey Coffey no Cream7154136450.330.251.56.43
100 Justin Wong Quiz Today, Gone Tomorrow11174212650.310.2525.91
101 Roma Ellis The Zoomsbury Group: Extended Universe10176193550.280.171.335.5
102 Abby Akarapongpisakdi Fear and Loathing in Las Meninas11232203500.2512.54.55
103 Lydia Rowell Cosmologists7030133300.23004.29
104 Will Rogers Old London Town410079150.19003.75
105 Jack Precede UBrum8010156100.06001.25
106 Chlo Spinks High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Soundtrack: The Quiz Team11010200100.05000.91
107 Charlotte Orba Tim Gyda I8002148-10-0.0700-1.25