OQL Buzzer Quiz 2022 - Player Standings | Neg 5 Stats

OQL Buzzer Quiz 2022 Individual Standings

Rank Player Name Team GP 20 -10 TUH Points P / TUH P / N G / N PPG
1 Jonathan Gibson Dartologists757514010907.79011.4155.71
2 Hugh Bennett Team North East852315910106.35017.33126.25
3 Iain Thoms Geoff Maltby Fan Club952418010005.56013111.11
4 Seoan Webb The Buzzer Depressers10601020011005.506110
5 Emma Laslett Dionysus Appreciation Society74041387605.51010108.57
6 Daoud Jackson Quizbowl Cabal105362001000508.83100
7 Evan Lynch Quizbowl Cabal104812009504.7504895
8 Kevin Leetion Buckfast at Tiffany's52421004604.601292
9 Nia Roberts The Rota Madmen6.953451336304.7406.890.65
10 Toby Cox Pericardium840111586904.3703.6486.25
11 Rahim Dina Temporary Stand Ins83401496804.560085
12 Jack Bennett The Big Trouser Era83791596504.0904.1181.25
13 Tony Bennett Qwysiwyg62761374803.504.580
14 Thomas De Bock Dionysus Appreciation Society62521184804.07012.580
15 Theo Sharkey The Other One94081587204.560580
16 Joshua Pugh Ginn Whittington's C.A.T83681566404.104.580
17 Dan O'Malley The Kew Tours93851727104.1307.678.89
18 Marianne Fairthorne Misfits83211466304.3203278.75
19 Sarah Greenan Airedale Terriers7.953221446204.3101677.99
20 Thomas Hart Quiztalcoatl93741807003.8909.2577.78
21 Ben Russell Jones Tim Gyda I83371535903.8604.7173.75
22 Ailsa Watson Overlords of Delgon83251605903.6906.473.75
23 Gareth Aubrey Tim Gyda I83131535903.86010.3373.75
24 Alan Gibbs Marauders83021565803.7201572.5
25 Thomas Grinyer Hot Buzz83261575803.6905.3372.5
26 Paul Sinha Quiz Machine Kills Fascists83261585803.6705.3372.5
27 Paddy Pamment Disparate Origins62571204303.5803.5771.67
28 James Haughton Hot Buzz83151575703.6306.271.25
29 Gary Grant Marauders83161565603.5905.1770
30 Rob Hanson BBBBQ82921605603.5014.570
31 Robert Crawley Foregone Conclusion72871244903.950470
32 Oliver Levy Quiz Machine Kills Fascists72511384903.5502570
33 Ethan Webb Quiztalcoatl93571806303.50570
34 Morgan Bush The Big Trouser Era83041595603.5207.570
35 David Barber Educated Guess72641494803.2206.568.57
36 Ian Clark Frankie Goes to Ladywood72521394803.45012.568.57
37 Cameron Welsh Buckfast at Tiffany's62241204003.3305.566.67
38 Chris Curtis Bletchingdon Nomads93361706003.5305.566.67
39 Neil Macaskill Overlords of Delgon82831605303.3109.3366.25
40 Niall Jones Hollywood Upstairs Medical College82961545203.3804.8365
41 Paul Compton Jolly Mixtures82961425203.6604.8365
42 Jamie McNeill Quality of Mercians82841525203.420765
43 Lawrence Cook Frankie Goes to Ladywood72321394403.17011.562.86
44 Max Espensen Misfits82741465003.4206.7562.5
45 Andrew Fisher BJ Ork82861515003.3104.6762.5
46 Patrick Carthy The Kew Tours93041725603.2607.562.22
47 Mat Williams Disparate Origins72211404303.0702261.43
48 Daniel Fullard Alors on Dunks82511574903.1202561.25
49 Chris Macklin Miners 593051755503.140661.11
50 John Robinson Talbot 3D82881544803.1203.560
51 Dan Adler Dartologists72471404102.9303.4358.57
52 Nathan Pace TOWIE82301374603.360057.5
53 Joe Crowther The Buzzer Depressers103152005702.8506.257
54 Steve Barnes Hollywood Upstairs Medical College92611725102.9702656.67
55 Phil Small Geoff Maltby Fan Club92611805102.8302656.67
56 Alex Antao Losing Away From Home828111464503.0802.5556.25
57 James Warton Bletchingdon Nomads92741705002.9406.7555.56
58 Andrew Fanko Victoria Phoenix82441574402.80655
59 Kevin Leck The Rota Madmen6.951901353802.820054.68
60 Michael Baugh Baader Meinhof Phenomenon71901323802.880054.29
61 James Devine-Stoneman Lions of the Isles82331574302.7407.6753.75
62 David Fowler Victoria Phoenix82211574302.7402253.75
63 Mik Levin BBBBQ82341604202.6305.7552.5
64 Rob Greenhill Quality of Mercians82101524202.760052.5
65 Ian Fennell Quality of Mercians82461524202.760452.5
66 Richard Appleyard Lions of the Isles82341574202.6805.7552.5
67 Frances Clark-Murray Quizbowl Cabal102842005202.60752
68 Stuart Crawley Educated Guess72281493602.4202.7551.43
69 Gareth Kingston Victoria Phoenix82111574102.6102151.25
70 Alexia Jarvis Quiz Today Gone Tomorrow928101684602.7402.851.11
71 Pete Sorel-Cameron Qwysiwyg61741373002.1904.2550
72 Dom Belcher Hollywood Upstairs Medical College92551724502.620550
73 Caitlin McCulloch Prophets of Zoom92321674402.63011.548.89
74 Anne Hegarty Pericardium82011583902.4702048.75
75 Tom Mead Disparate Origins71941403402.4304.7548.57
76 Ben Back Baader Meinhof Phenomenon5144892402.703.548
77 Beth Webster Losing Away From Home82021463802.601047.5
78 Colin Foster Frankie Goes to Ladywood61641192802.350446.67
79 Jason Butler Baader Meinhof Phenomenon61401132802.480046.67
80 Lewis Jones BJ Ork81911513702.4501946.25
81 Martin Wightman Team North East81911593702.3301946.25
82 David Edwards Talbot 3D824121543602.340245
83 Will Rogers The Other One82041423602.540545
84 Joe Hanson Losing Away From Home81921463602.4709.545
85 Gerard McHugh TOWIE81921403602.5709.545
86 Frank Paul Dartologists51221002202.20644
87 Sarah Trevarthen Overlords of Delgon81931603502.1906.3343.75
88 Rob Leck The Rota Madmen5.951421132602.30743.7
89 Matthew Bliss Quiztalcoatl92011803902.1702043.33
90 Nick Patterson Quiz Machine Kills Fascists7.851821553402.190943.31
91 Alexandra Denman Whittington's C.A.T81701563402.180042.5
92 Paul Hibbert Quiz Today Gone Tomorrow91901683802.260042.22
93 Juliet Harris Dionysus Appreciation Society71511382902.101541.43
94 Jack Lewis BJ Ork81831513302.190641.25
95 Ieuan Pope Alors on Dunks81711573302.101741.25
96 Barry Humphrey Victoria Phoenix81711573302.101741.25
97 Tim Martin Airedale Pups92041503602.40540
98 Laura Martin Airedale Pups91801503602.40040
99 James Macgregor Marauders81841563202.0504.540
100 Calum Hind Buckfast at Tiffany's5124992002.020340
101 Dave Bill Geoff Maltby Fan Club9192180360209.540
102 Nick Summerfield Pericardium81731583101.9605.6738.75
103 Frankie Fanko Frankie Goes to Ladywood61211202301.9201238.33
104 Fraser Cameron BBBBQ81621603001.880837.5
105 Gareth Byrne Down for Whatever71541292602.0203.7537.14
106 Gary Knightley TOWIE5.941221062202.080637.04
107 Ruth Gibbons Miners 57.841401522801.840035.71
108 Eddie Gunning Prophets of Zoom91721673201.9208.535.56
109 David Lamb Miners 58.261511612901.801535.11
110 Rob Sutherland Misfits81521462801.9207.535
111 Katy Marchant The Other One61111022102.0601135
112 Ali B Whittington's C.A.T81401562801.790035
113 Clive Dunning Team North East81521592801.7607.535
114 Jack Stirling Baader Meinhof Phenomenon71321332401.806.534.29
115 Ned Pendleton Quiz Machine Kills Fascists81531582701.710533.75
116 Cathel Dunne Lions of the Isles81411572701.7201433.75
117 Eleanor Ayres Tim Gyda I81541532601.703.7532.5
118 Liam McCarthy Hot Buzz81541572601.6603.7532.5
119 Simon Chilton Disparate Origins61131201901.5803.6731.67
120 Dave Nicholson Down for Whatever71221262201.750631.43
121 Philip Burroughs Alors on Dunks81311572501.5901331.25
122 Jon Roberts Prophets of Zoom91521672801.6807.531.11
123 Noel Kelso Quiz Today Gone Tomorrow91531682701.610530
124 Nicola Kay Qwysiwyg6901191801.510030
125 Eli Cugini Dionysus Appreciation Society61021201801.50530
126 Tony Sissons Airedale Terriers7.951211442301.601228.93
127 Fariz Iqbal The Kew Tours91421722601.510728.89
128 Aaron Linge The Big Trouser Era81451592301.4502.828.75
129 Kathryn Johnson Pericardium81211582301.4601228.75
130 Mike Lees Jolly Mixtures81451422301.6202.828.75
131 Rachel Munro TOWIE7.061121262001.5905.528.33
132 Brian Shaw The Kew Tours91791722501.4501.8927.78
133 Ranvir Singh Kalare Airedale Terriers7.951461442201.5302.3327.67
134 Sarah Blair Down for Whatever71131231901.5403.6727.14
135 Ollie Garner The Buzzer Depressers101532002701.350527
136 Gill Taylor Miners 591681752401.370226.67
137 Andy Bolton The Buzzer Depressers101422002601.30726
138 Matthew Nail Foregone Conclusion71021241801.450525.71
139 Matt Marshall Down for Whatever7901271801.420025.71
140 Ray Fung Educated Guess7901491801.210025.71
141 Justin Wong Quiz Today Gone Tomorrow91331682301.3704.3325.56
142 Ned Williams Hollywood Upstairs Medical College81001542001.30025
143 Mike Hodges Talbot 3D71031341701.2703.3324.29
144 Phil Sawyer Qwysiwyg5601181201.020024
145 Tony Walmsley Team North East81011591901.1901023.75
146 Jon Violet Lions of the Isles81131571901.2103.6723.75
147 Danny Lardner BJ Ork81131511901.2603.6723.75
148 Karen Wooding Temporary Stand Ins6821141401.230423.33
149 George Charlson Quizbowl Cabal101332002301.1504.3323
150 James Murphy The Big Trouser Era8901591801.130022.5
151 Nic Paul Geoff Maltby Fan Club91001802001.110022.22
152 Freddie Harris Prophets of Zoom91361672001.202.1722.22
153 Dave Metcalfe-Carr Temporary Stand Ins561911101.210622
154 Lydia Mizon Dartologists5611001101.10622
155 Andrew Townsley Buckfast at Tiffany's6831191301.0902.6721.67
156 Izzy Morris Dionysus Appreciation Society6711181301.10721.67
157 Oli Hanson Disparate Origins6711201301.080721.67
158 Blake Robinson Temporary Stand Ins81151491701.1402.221.25
159 Nic Mortimer BBBBQ8911601701.060921.25
160 Abby Akarapongpisakdi Quiztalcoatl91131801901.0603.6721.11
161 Matt Loxham Hollywood Upstairs Medical College11018201.110020
162 Rebecca McMonies Foregone Conclusion550911001.10020
163 Jane Scanlon Losing Away From Home8801461601.10020
164 Lorna Frankel Hollywood Upstairs Medical College11018201.110020
165 John Burns Bletchingdon Nomads550961001.040020
166 Henry Collins TOWIE7701191401.180020
167 Ant Fish Tim Gyda I8811531500.980818.75
168 Richard Aubrey Misfits8931461501.030318.75
169 Amy Godel Dartologists6611201100.920618.33
170 Richard Edwards Talbot 3D6731161100.9502.3318.33
171 Fintan O'Connor Foregone Conclusion7841271200.940217.14
172 Paul Atkins Bletchingdon Nomads7601321200.910017.14
173 Simon Dick Buckfast at Tiffany's54099800.810016
174 Chris Grandison Talbot 3D7611381100.80615.71
175 Adrian Dagnall The Rota Madmen3.953076600.790015.19
176 Amy Senior Down for Whatever43074600.810015
177 Gary Morewood Frankie Goes to Ladywood651119900.760515
178 Mark Preston Jolly Mixtures8601421200.850015
179 Stuart Beard Baader Meinhof Phenomenon7741291000.7801.7514.29
180 Greg Butler Qwysiwyg541117700.60414
181 Alex Raisbeck The Other One54187700.80414
182 Samuel Furniss Whittington's C.A.T8731561100.7102.3313.75
183 Pam Douglas Quality of Mercians8611521100.720613.75
184 Mike McCarthy Hot Buzz640119800.670013.33
185 Tom Rowell Dartologists640120800.670013.33
186 Sarah Penny The Rota Madmen653115700.6101.6711.67
187 Clarissa Ducie Alors on Dunks841157700.45048.75
188 Paul Kirk Airedale Pups953150700.4701.677.78
189 James Weatherill Airedale Terriers7.9542144600.42027.55
190 Kiran Marwaha Overlords of Delgon830160600.38007.5
191 Paul Regan Down for Whatever42169300.43027.5
192 Dave Britton Educated Guess731149500.34037.14
193 Katie Stayle Marauders5.920118400.34006.78
194 Heather Semper Airedale Pups930150600.4006.67
195 James Harpin Temporary Stand Ins52193300.32026
196 David Watt Jolly Mixtures844142400.28015
197 Ellie Muston The Other One41067200.3005
198 Beverley Randle Miners 521139100.26015
199 Lindsay Baumeister Foregone Conclusion621110300.27025
200 Alan Gilmour Buckfast at Tiffany's51099200.2004
201 Vince O'Connor Bletchingdon Nomads610112200.18003.33
202 Jack Preece The Other One41176100.13012.5
203 Marc Thompson Prophets of Zoom000000000
204 Lucy Clarke Dionysus Appreciation Society000000000
205 Mike Lees Jolly Mixtures000000000
206 Mike Lees Jolly Mixtures000000000
207 Niamh Hassett Hot Buzz2003800000
208 Fiona Leck The Rota Madmen2004000000
209 Bonni Champou Jolly Mixtures000000000
210 Will Jones Quiz Machine Kills Fascists1.15002300000
211 Paul Nilen Airedale Terriers000000000